Jesus Dapena

    Teaching Experience:

      At University of Iowa (Aug. 1974 - Jan. 1979):

        Taught Physical Education skills classes.

        Practicum: Taught one semester of undergraduate biomechanics.

      At University of Massachusetts (Jan. 1979 - Aug. 1982):

        Developed new graduate and undergraduate courses.

        Taught graduate and undergraduate courses.

        Served on several master's thesis and one dissertation committees.

        Chaired one master's thesis committee.

        Was in charge of the Doctoral Seminar of the Exercise Science Department (Spring, 1980).

      At Indiana University (Aug. 1982 - present):

        Developed new graduate courses.

        Taught graduate and undergraduate courses.

        Chaired master's thesis committees.

        Chaired and served on doctoral dissertation committees.

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